How To Open A Corked Wine Bottle

by Kelvin Teo | Last Updated: September 17, 2020

This is one question I asked myself when I first venture into the world of wines.

Unlike screw-top bottles, corked wine bottles are a little trickier and if you do not have the proper tool, it can be a problem (accidentally breaking the cork causing its lower half to go down into the wine is what happened to me — you don’t want that).

In this guide, you will discover how to open a corked bottle with a handy Pulltap’s corkscrew — and if you don’t have it lying around the house, I highly-recommend you invest in one!

Tool Used
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How To Properly Open A Corked Bottle of Wine

Step 1: Cut in a circle around the capsule’s rim.

How To Open a Wine Bottle

For more expensive bottles, the capsule around the bottleneck usually requires a cutter. Thankfully, the Pulltap’s corkscrew has this tool fitted in. Use it! Some bottles, however, allows for the capsule to easily slide out so this step may be skipped.

Step 2: Place the augur on the cork and start twisting. Make sure that it is in the center.

Cockscrew For Wine

Angle the tip of the augur and ensure that it is in the center before you twist. That way, you will get the best grip for the next step.

Step 3: Do a first-level pull.

Pulling Out a Cork

After the screw is firmly lodged in the cork, set the first-level pull at the rim of the bottle, secure your thumb at the edge as shown and start pulling.

Step 4: Finally, do a second-level pull.

Pulling Cork From Wine Bottle

Engage the second pull once half of the cork’s body is out. The entire process of the cork sliding out should be relatively easy if the angle is right.

To help you better visualise the process, here’s a helpful video:

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