8 Best Portable Wine Cooler Bags

by Kelvin Teo | Last Updated: January 30, 2022

Wine is a drink that many people enjoy. It’s a popular beverage for those who love to get together or have fun with friends and family. But, it can be challenging when you’re at your favorite restaurant or on the go if you don’t have access to refrigeration. So what do you do?

The answer is simple: buy the best portable wine cooler bag!

If there’s one thing we know about wine, it’s that it should never be served too warm because this could spoil the flavor of what might otherwise be an excellent vintage. In this review, we’re going to give you a rundown of 8 wine bags that are great for keeping your beverage at its ideal temperature so you can go on that adventure with a peace of mind!

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Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Portable Wine Cooler Bag

Discovering the perfect wine bag is difficult, but it can be done with some help. Whether you are looking for a sturdy and comfortable carry-all or something that will stay cool to keep your wines at their best condition on long journeys, there is certainly an option out there for you!

For those of us who like to travel in style without compromising our taste buds (or hands), this list should offer plenty of options. There are also some key considerations you should take note below.

Choosing The Right Size

Finding the right size for your wine bag is key!

Wine bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are a few factors you need to keep an eye out for. The first thing to consider when choosing the perfect wine bag is how much space it has available inside because this will determine what type of wines can fit in them as well as what types they’re meant to carry.

Are you looking for something small or big? Do you have space constraints?

The list we recommend contains different types of wine bags — from those designed to hold 2 bottles up to 8, so select accordingly!


Another important element to note is design. There are many items to bring and you don’t want your wine bottle breaking as it will ruin everything else in your bag because of poor interior design! So we looked at ways on how best to pack a wine bottle so that even if there is an accident (which doesn’t happen too often), the bag would keep its shape and protect what’s inside from breakage.

Also, think about how you want to carry the wine cooler. Do you need handles or straps? Probably so if you are always on the move.


When using wine bags, the right insulation is a must. Too much or too little can affect how long it takes to chill your wine and that defeats the purpose of the bag. You don’t want to let your expensive alcohol go bad and sour, especially if it’s something you enjoy a lot. Make sure that the right kind of insulation is used when storing this luxury item so that its taste will not change over time or make it any more difficult for people who live in warmer climates to drink safely.

Good equipment like polyurethane (PU) insulation can help stabilize an alcoholic beverage at just the perfect temperature without making it too hot or cold — which would affect how well-liked they are by drinkers per region.

Best Portable Wine Cooler Bags – Our Favorites

Taking into consideration the above factors, here is a list of the best portable cooler bags on the market to help make your purchase decision a little easier!

Picnic at Ascot Insulated Wine Tote with 2 Wine Glasses

Picnic at Ascot Insulated Wine Tote with 2 Wine Glasses, Napkins and Corkscrew
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03/07/2024 04:25 am GMT

This insulated wine tote is perfect for carrying everything you need for the most epic and memorable picnic — all you have to do is pack that delicious food!

This includes two glasses, napkins, corkscrew and a second bottle holder if necessary — just remove remove the two acrylic wine glasses. What’s really great about this bag is knowing your wine will stay at an optimum temperature while out in the sun or hot weather. Up until now, picnics require hours of planning just to get the right wines set up beforehand. We suggest carrying a different bottle stopper as the one provided would work and look nice only if the bottle is left upright — it does not fit snugly enough to prevent leakage if you do not consume all of  your wine and the bottle is tipped to one side.

The Picnic at Ascot Insulated Wine Tote is also your go-to gift for a wine enthusiast or wine-loving friend. This designer bag is pumped full of state-of-the-art thermal shield insulation to keep your wines at their perfect temperature, up to 4 hours. Whether you are having a party at your luxurious country estate, attending the latest soiree in the city or out on the town with friends, Picnic at Ascot will have you living it up!

INNO STAGE 40l Large Insulated Wine Tote with Folding Table

INNO STAGE 40l Large Insulated Cooler Tote with Portable Bamboo Snack Table
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03/08/2024 12:32 am GMT

Cooler and wine carrier all in one? You bet!

This large insulated cooler tote has a 40L cooling capacity and can keep your wine and food fresh up to 60 hours. The thermal insulation is designed for cooling efficiency, but also offers water-resistant protection for your valuables.

Additional features include a firm pocket with magnetic snap outside for wine table, 2 wine bottle pockets on the sides,a removable and adjustable shoulder belt made of pure leather and an eco-friendly bamboo table. Fit this bag with all the essentials like fruit, olives soaked in olive oil, different kinds of cheese and crackers (all wrapped in wax paper) and you are all good.

Reviews share that it is a lot bigger inside that it seemed at first — one can easily fit a decent-sized picnic lunch in there. The only downside is that it gets heavy quickly and the shoulder strap could be better cushioned.

Freshore 6-Bottle Carrier Leather Bag

Freshore 6-Bottle Leather Carrier Bag
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03/08/2024 01:30 am GMT

No more pain for wine lovers. The Freshore 6-Bottle Carrier Leather Bag is almost completely devoted to the struggle between holding and carrying bottles of wine. It has wide, adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to carry up to 6 bottles with less stress on your arms than with any other bag we’ve seen.

The space on both sides of the bag designated for glasses can also double up as wine bottle holders — effectively bringing up the wine bottle count to 8. Not only that, the ability to interchange between styles from wine carrier to purse gives your bag some serious versatility!

When it comes to sophistication, the Freshore 6-Bottle Carrier Leather Bag hits the nail — allowing wine lovers to transport wine bottles out on-the-go while maintaining a stylish appearance.

OPUX 2-Bottle Wine Tote Carrier

OPUX 2-Bottle Wine Tote Carrier
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03/07/2024 10:38 am GMT

The perfect companion for the designated wine carrier, this 2-bottle tote is equipped with a front pocket and high quality insulation for your safety during transportation so that it stays at an ideal temperature.

The two bottles are kept separately from each other thanks to the unique design of the bag — an interior versatile flap that offers padded divider protection, ensuring your wine bottles fit regardless of size, yet remain cool. However, some users reported that it is better to use a cool pack rather than to put ice directly as it may cause leakage when melted, so do your own diligence.

The front side pocket also allows for more storage when you’re packing it on your trip together with some snacks or parts of your outfit. Speaking of packing, the outside layers are made up of strong 600D polyester fabric so you know you’re carrying a pristine product wherever you go.

In our opinion, the OPUS 2-Bottle Wine Tote Carrier is one of the most functional wine carriers we’ve seen all year. There may be some cheaper versions on the market, but starting your adventure out with a high-quality product from OPUX means that whatever roadblocks come across your way will not slow you down twice!

Tilvini Insulated Genuine Leather Wine Bag with 2 Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

Tilvini Insulated Genuine Leather Wine Bag With 2 Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers
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03/08/2024 02:23 am GMT

As you know, looking at the classy exterior of this handmade tote isn’t going to do it for you. You need to look at its function — an adjustable bottle divider that allows for easy positioning; large storage pockets on the rear of the bag both spacious enough for wine essentials; and insulation to keep everything cool. Two stainless steel wine tumblers are also included with your purchase so that you’re never without a glass at night!

So you see, the Tilvini wine bag sure can fit a lot!

But that’s not all. At the time of writing this, we couldn’t really find a bad review on this bag. Most users are very satisfied with the style and function of this carrier — with one even saying that his white wine was kept chilled for hours before his dinner reservations.

KOVOT 9-Piece Wine Travel Bag and Picnic Set

KOVOT 9-Piece Wine Travel Bag and Picnic Set
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03/07/2024 07:30 am GMT

The KOVOT 9-piece wine bag includes two acrylic wine glasses, napkins and stakes that will stick right into the ground, along with all of the essentials like a corkscrew and a bottle stopper. Double-walled insulated materials prevent breakage while traveling to multiple places and also allow you to keep some of your favorite wines chilled so you’ll never have an excuse for a dry day again.

This premium bag even has a sturdy front zip pocket so your wine cork and extra accessories will never be lost in the vacuum. However, it doesn’t come with an adjustable strap, so you may want to skip it if you are looking for more than a hand-carry.

Other than that, with its features and unbeatable value, the KOVOT is perfect for that relaxing day by the lake or seaside, anytime of year!

Tirrinia Insulated Wine Carrier Tote

Tirrinia Insulated Wine Carrier Tote

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03/08/2024 01:42 am GMT

The Tirrinia insulated wine carrier tote has ample space for 2 bottles of wine or champagne. The inside aluminium foil composite, polyethelyne foam-padded divider keeps 2 bottles of wine separate and prevents them from crashing with each other. On top of that, it can keep your favorite vintage well-chilled for hours.

Do take note that this wine tote may not be ideal for tall wines as per reviewed, so white wine or champagne lovers may have to give this a pass. It makes up for this by being a great carrier for red wines that are shorter and on-the-go.

Lastly, the elegant grid pattern and practical design make this wine tote an ideal wine-lover gift. If your families or friends are wine drinkers and love to share wine with others, the Tirrinia Insulated Wine Carrier Tote will be excellent!

Tirrinia 4-Bottle Wine Carrier

Tirrinia 4-Bottle Wine Carrier
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03/08/2024 03:26 am GMT

Taking your favorite wine around town just got a whole lot better!

The Tirrinia 4-Bottle Wine Carrier is a insulated, padded carrying bag made for any occasion. Whether it’s BYOB restaurant dinners, wine tasting getaways with friends or at the most important holiday party of the year — it doesn’t matter; this bag is perfect for all occasions.

What’s special about this bag is its removable divider — its fasteners can keep 4 bottles of wine separate and prevent them from crashing with each other. With such versatility, you can easily convert the bag between usage for picnics or travel. The sturdy handle and adjustable shoulder strap also gives you more options for carrying, or simply use the elastic strap under the cover for easy transport.

Thanks to this 4-bottle carrier bag and its polyurethane-insulation, we are also able to sip away while relaxing in style on the sand without fretting over our wines getting warm. Truly a party-in-a-bag!


If you’re a wine enthusiast or a wine-lover looking for a great travel bag, consider the factors we’ve outlined. You may find that some bags are better suited to your needs than others and ultimately make wine-touring easier. There is no perfect answer as every situation is different so feel free to use our buying guide as a starting point and once you settle on your preferences, choose from our list of favorites!

With so many excellent options on the market, we hope this article will make it easy for you to find a carrier with all of the features necessary for transporting your bottles safely and securely!

Kelvin Teo founded Filled With Wine™ because one summer night, he noticed that his glass of wine tasted funny. It was only after he discovered that he stored his bottle wrongly that he realised the importance of proper wine storage. Since then, he has taken the art of wine drinking seriously and is now on a quest to help fellow wine lovers achieve the best drinking experience possible.