Hello fellow wine lovers!

My name is Kelvin. I have been a wine lover from my first glass and enjoy sharing new wine storage options, tips, tricks and recipes. I am dedicated to providing information and insight into the proper storage, decorative accessories, and tools for drinking wine. I don’t claim to be a connoisseur, just an ordinary person who is very passionate about every sip.

Most people just drink their wine as it is (I was one of them). One summer night in 2019, I opened my bottle of wine and discovered it tasted quite strange. Since I’d had the wine many times before, I was a bit confused.

The next day I started researching about wine going bad and discovered that I had been storing my bottles improperly! That is when the idea for Filled With Wine was born… and I dove into the world of wine storage, tools, and accessories.

Wine cellar options and proper wine storage has become a topic that I’m truly passionate about sharing with all wine drinkers. In order to enjoy our wines fully, proper storage is a must. That is why my blog is dedicated to help fellow wine lovers enjoy their drink better through proper wine storage, tools and drinking techniques. As you peruse my articles, you’ll see I discuss all types of wine storage — from in the cool basement or on storage racks to wine coolers, and formal wine cellars.

Accessories, decorative items, and tools for wine are always great gifts, so I’m always on the lookout for the newest trends and best items available. These items are only mentioned in the blog on a larger topic. Currently, I have posts on cellars and guides with great details about wine making and recipes intertwined. With that said, I hope you enjoy your time on this small corner of the internet. Please drop a line at [email protected] to ask me any questions you have or a blog idea. I’m always happy to connect with fellow wine lovers!

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