Best Wine Pairings For Lasagna: A Quick Guide

by Kelvin Teo | Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Is there something homier and comforting than a slice of steamy lasagna straight out of the oven? Whether you make it yourself, order it or thaw it, lasagna is one of those saucy dishes that makes people happy.

Of course, being a staple of Italian cooking, lasagna is compatible with wine, and the right wine pairing can make the experience around the table much more enjoyable.

What are the best wines with lasagna? Here’s our quick guide to lasagna and wine pairing. Try these pairing ideas and find the best wine to pair with lasagna for you!

Not All Lasagna Are Created Equal

Wine For Lasagna

Let’s start by saying that, although all lasagnas rely on the thin, rectangle-shaped lasagna pasta, the rest of the ingredients vary. To find the best wine to drink with lasagna, you must first determine its key components.

Let’s assume your lasagna is based on a tomato sauce. Although white lasagna exists, it’s not nearly as common as the saucy tomato style, but we’ll cover it as well. Other than that, it would help to consider if meat is a crucial ingredient in the lasagna or if you’re dealing with a veggie casserole. Let’s talk about the best wines with lasagna by type.

Best Wine For Classic Meat Lasagna

The classic lasagna with tomato sauce and ground beef, sometimes with layers of ricotta, calls for a red wine that can tackle the acidity in tomatoes while balancing red meat. For this, you need red wine with not much tannins and tight acidity. Well, it turns out many Italian red wines fit the bill.

The best wines with lasagna might very well come from Tuscany, and they’re made with Sangiovese. Try a medium-bodied Chianti Classico and let the wine’s acidity cut through the fatty richness in the food.

Italian Wines to try:

Other Wines to Try:

Best Wine for White Lasagna

If your lasagna relies on dairy rather than tomatoes, for example, with Bechamel sauce and cheese layers, you’ll need a creamy white wine.

And by white wine, we mean a full-bodied, buttery, oak-aged white wine. There aren’t many of these out there, so you’re better off with Chardonnay, of course, there are others. The wine’s acidity cuts through the cream while complementing the lasagna’s flavor with buttery and bakery undertones.

Italian Wines to Try:

Other Wines to Try

Best Wine for Vegetarian Lasagna

Vegetarian lasagna can be as hearty as its meaty counterparts, mainly if it contains peppers, mushrooms and other roasted veggies. For this healthier version of our beloved Italian dish, reds are also the best alternative, but make sure they have low tannins.

Tannins are those gritty particles that cause a drying sensation on the palate, and they’re perfect for balancing meat and other fatty ingredients; for vegetarian lasagna, we don’t need tannins. Medium-bodied red grapes will perform much better.

Italian Wines to Try:

Other Wines to Try:

Who’s Up for a Slice of Lasagna?

Now that you know how to pair lasagna with the right wine, it’s time to put together your own and call some friends over. There’s no doubt wine and Italian food are deliciously compatible, and when done right, any pairing can turn a meal into a party!

Lasagna comes in all sizes and flavors, but they all have something in common — they taste like home. That’s comfort food right there! Well, get your hands on the best wines to drink with lasagna and make the most out of everyone’s favorite pasta casserole. What are your favorite lasagna and wine pairings?

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